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could you please explain what's going on in Scottland/Britain, i've seen a few posts but i'm pretty confused, i know the riots started from voting for something but that' about all i've got


okay there was an independence referendum where people either voted yes or no. although we have our own govt they can only control devolved matters and so the uk govt which is in westminster controls the reserved matters. the reason why it was important that we got independence was because our population is so small our vote does not count and we have the opposite needs as england for a lot of the reserved matters like immigration for example where we have a lot of space and our population isn’t growing and so we need people to come here but in england it’s the opposite however we have to have the same laws on it as them as it’s a reserved matter. this means we are being run by a government that we do not vote for and that do not give a shit about us. the uk govt only caters to those in the south of england.

unfortunately we did not get independence, this was probably largely due to the fact that the politicians on the no/better together side promised they’d give us a devo max and give us more powers which obviously was a lie because within the first few hours of us not being independent that was all fucked. 

cut to a few hours later and fascist groups are standing on the no thanks side waving the union flag, giving nazi salutes next to war memorials, setting buildings on fire, attacking and harassing young yes voters without being in any way provoked, stabbing people, shouting racist abuse, singing racist songs, attacking people who aren’t white, shouting homophobic abuse and all while singing god save the queen. even though they fucking won. they got what they wanted, we’re all fucked. their precious union is safe and we’re likely to get a tory/ukip government soon. if you don’t know abt the tories then they’re basically kind of like the republicans, and ukip are also like the republicans but even more racist, sexist, homophobic and transphobic. 

they are actively seeking out yes voters out and attacking them. apparently they also smashed someone’s head with a hammer and beat up a woman with a pram, and this is likely to spread around all big cities throughout the next few days, not just glasgow. it’s also scary for everyone because scotland is such a small place so you’re never gonna be that far away from where something like this is happening.

if anyone is still confused as to what’s happening in scotland then reading this might be a good idea 

also if anyone in scotland is reading this please try to stay away from any big city, particularly glasgow, today. these unionist groups are planning to march again today and tomorrow as well i think. if you absolutely have to go out then please make sure you have someone with you and as much as we all want to keep our yes badges on and our stickers and posters up, we need to take them off now because people have been getting their property damaged, their cars smashed and the way things are going i wouldn’t doubt them trying to burn down houses with yes stickers and posters up. 

please stay safe. xxx



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